About Us

Lumency is a pioneer in the creation of wireless sensor arrays and smart actuators which can be used for smart buildings, smart lighting, and environmental monitoring. Based on our wireless sensor arrays and smart actuators, we provide solutions which can be integrated in smart city and smart building applications. In addition to these solutions, we are also trying to implement these systems within the circular economy model through various repair, upgrade and DIY projects.

Our current smart lighting solution allows our customers to achieve important savings in their energy consumption and maintenance. Our smart sensors allow for detailed and specific environmental monitoring applications that can automate the detection of anomalies in buildings and to help in the detection of pollution sources in city environments. Our solutions are currently used by several companies like Interparking, TMC, UrbaWatt, Zaffer, and Greenbizz. We also provide support and advice to young startups in the IoT sector who are willing to integrate our smart sensors and actuators in their concepts.